Teacher Support Pack

What is provided in the pack?

The support pack includes instructions, game rules and ideas for “service learning” tasks.

Click here to download the support pack:


>   PowerPlayer Teacher guide

>   PowerPlayer Glossary

>   PowerPlayer Introductory slides

>   PowerPlayer Class sheet

>   PowerPlayer Summary Sheet

>   PowerPlayer Evaluation for students

>   PowerPlayer Simulation references


PowerPlayer Best practice case studies:

>   PowerPlayer Case study_HipAndGreen

>   PowerPlayer Case study_Baggers Originals

>   PowerPlayer Case study_PUC

>   PowerPlayer Case study_Saetta Verde


PowerPlayer Service learning materials:

>   PowerPlayer Introducing Service Learning in Class

>   PowerPlayer Service Based Learning-School Energy Audit

>   PowerPlayer Service Based Learning-Home Energy Audit

>   PowerPlayer Service Based Learning-Business Energy Audit

>   PowerPlayer Service learning ideas


PowerPlayer Teacher training syllabus:

>   PowerPlayer Teacher training syllabus

>   PowerPlayer Project background and Project Website

>   PowerPlayer Fundamental Knowledge requirements

>   PowerPlayer How to proceed PowerPlayer in school?

>   PowerPlayer Didactics

>   PowerPlayer Evaluation


Game material

Additional game materials are available on this page >


How to use the pack

Teachers have the freedom to use these resources in any manner they see fit. The pack gives suggestions, hints and tips on how to use the classroom game/online companion and we hope it is useful for teachers and fun for learners!